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Strategy Development

Our highly skilled key consultants develop robust business models and option appraisals, based on industry best practice and designed to ensure that your organisation can make an informed decision about its future catering provision.

Catering Specifications

AVL will design a bespoke specification to suit your exact needs, whilst ensuring that the desired standard of service is delivered within the contract framework.

Evaluation of Tenders

The evaluation process will be able to identify the offer that is being made by the tenderers, and ensure that it is deliverable in terms of quality and price.

In-House Tenders

As a policy, AVL's expertise is only available to client side and in-house bids. The company does not in any part of its business work for private contractors, thus ensuring impartiality when working with clients.

Benchmarking & Best Value

Fast becoming the standard for evaluating performance, AVL offers an understandable approach to the terminology, referencing our considerable database for qualified and robust benchmarking statistics.

Contract Monitoring

The monitoring process will also ensure that your end customers will always receive the specified service at the correct cost and quality, and that these are delivered in a way that is not putting your organisation in jeopardy.

Contract Audit

AVL have developed a method of auditing the current operation to identify its strengths and weaknesses. This includes visiting a cross section of units to evaluate quality of performance, staff training, marketing and compliance with contract specification, and leads to the identification of potential areas of concern.

Other Resources

AVL networks with other consultants to bring specialist services under our umbrella. These include:

Design & Planning








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