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Addressing the poor quality of catering at the UK HQ of Scope - the charity that provides support and advice to people disabled by cerebral palsy, and their families.

Project Brief

To review the catering services provided at Scope's London Headquarters.

The provision of a report containing advice on the standard and cost of the service, and a technical review of the kitchen, cooking equipment and surrounding infrastructure and facilities.

Subsequent to the review, providing support and advice during the competitive market testing exercise managed by Scope's in-house procurement team.


Our report found that the existing service was not delivering food or service to the required standards. Falling customer numbers were making the service financially unsound. The kitchen was also poorly managed and maintained.

We immediately arranged the sourcing of good quality second hand catering equipment to meet the strict budgetary constraints of this charity.

Our evaluation of the tender bids received provided the procurement team with independent expert advice, enabling them to make an informed choice and appointment.

The new caterer is providing a much enhanced quality of service that is delivered with financial certainty.

Client Contact

Sarah King
Head of Property Administration

Please ask us for contact details so we may approach our client in advance.